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COVID Impact: Focused on Family

Raise your hand if you are sick of talking Covid-19.  Or, in my case, sick of starting blogs with something to the effect of “…in light of Covid-19” or “…focusing on positives in this new normal” or “…our updated policy due to coronavirus.”  Well, this blog post won’t be any different, ha!  But, despite that, I’m here with my hand in the air.

Over the past 5 months, my forced hibernation from family and friends, clients, and my favorite hobbies like eating out at some of Buffalo’s best restaurants made one thing exceedingly clear, whoever said: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” was a very wise person.  Like it or not, this has been the summer to slow down and focus on family and home life, even though I am sure most of us are also anxious to get back to our normal routine and activities. 

When our community began to cautiously reemerge and I could see some extended family and even some close friends, I had a renewed sense of “savor this moment.”  The photographer in me took a snapshot in my head to try to remember these specific moments and lock them away where no virus could ever take them from me. 

So, here I am encouraging you to do the same except make them real-life snapshots that I capture for you, not ones in your head.  Even though 2020 hasn’t panned out to be the year any of us expected, it is one for the history books and the unprecedented time you’ve had with your family will be something you’ll want to remember. 

Maybe you quarantined with extended family who you would never have seen for that long otherwise. 

Maybe you had a birthday during quarantine and it’s about time you had a belated celebration.

Maybe you have family snowbirds stuck here in WNY because they don’t want to return to Florida now that it’s become a hotspot.  

People who aren’t usually together may now be unexpectedly together.  People who are usually together may now be yearning to be together.  And families who are always together may now be “extra together.”  It’s a perfect time to book a family session.  Let me capture your family at this moment because we certainly don’t know what the future holds and when we’ll be able to see the ones we love like we are used to seeing them.

And, of course, a friendly reminder that currently, family sessions are following all social distancing protocols as well as our studio’s updated policies in compliance with Covid-19 guidelines.  So, I’ll be masked and elbow-deep in hand sanitizer.  Family sessions are best held outside right now and are weather dependent, but with the weather as beautiful as it’s been lately, that shouldn’t be a problem.  As always, if you need suggestions on great local spots for a session I gladly will offer suggestions.

Here’s to savoring these weird times, valuing these unique moments, and capturing memories for your family’s history books.