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5 Benefits of Planning a Small, Intimate Wedding…

Call it what you will – intimate ceremony, elopement, small wedding, cozy affair – it seems that nuptials on a smaller scale will be the requirement, at least for the near future, thanks to our dear friend, Rona…coronavirus, that is.  In an effort to continue to focus on positives, here’s my list of the top benefits for hosting a small wedding right here in Buffalo, NY.  

Five Reasons to Host a Small Wedding

  1. More time with your guests.  Intimate weddings offer the ability to truly interact with all of your guests.  Rather than rushing through quick table-to-table hellos or brief thank-you conversations in a receiving line, a smaller guest count gives newly married couples the gift of time which is already fleeting during the whirr of a wedding day.  It’s a matter of quality versus quantity.  With fewer guests in attendance, your conversations can be more lengthy and relaxed, often gifting newlyweds with more meaningful guest memories.
  2. Venue Flexibility. One of the biggest decisions a couple will make is where to host their wedding.  Smaller guest counts can vastly expand venue possibilities and options.  Buffalo boasts an array of impressive architectural gems, rural getaways, cool breweries, and boutique hotels but some of those locales may not accommodate large wedding receptions.  Even some of the city’s best restaurants may be at your fingertips with an intimate wedding! Think Big Ditch, Tempo, or The Frank Lloyd Wright Boathouse. Or how about reserving the entire restaurant? I personally favor a place like Las Puertas – Chef Victor will take your guests on a culinary journey!
  3. Budget Benefits.  Make your money go farther or make it work harder for you.  Many venues price per head so fewer guests means less to spend.  In that case, you have more money available to splurge on a luxury honeymoon, put a down payment on a house, or stash away in your rainy-day fund!  Alternatively, with the money saved from a smaller guest count, you can choose to spend more of your budget on a certain part of your wedding that matters to you and that showcases your wedding style…like lavish centerpieces, an upgraded food menu, or designer bridal shoes. My vote is for shoes!
  1. Photographer’s Dream.  While a photographer like me loves to shoot all types of weddings, there is something to be said for not needing to wrangle a big number of people for various portraits.  Smaller bridal parties, smaller guest counts mean I can navigate through the “required” photos more efficiently and then turn my focus to capturing cozy moments between you and your new spouse, candid images that tell the story of your special day, and all of your beautiful details.  Plus, intimate affairs afford more flexibility in your wedding-day timeline, granting us the opportunity to plan additional portrait locations, whereas larger bridal parties can inhibit traveling to such destinations. 
  2. Spotlight is on YOU.  It’s your special day and eyes will be on you and your new spouse no matter the size of your wedding.  But, smaller weddings that have less “big crowd commotion” you’ll really feel the love pouring from the room towards you as newlyweds from each of your guests.  Plus, it’s easier to steal some time alone time with your partner and truly let the spotlight shine on the commitment you’ve just made to one another – a love promising to last a lifetime.

Cheers to planning your intimate Buffalo wedding!