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The “Ins and Outs” of 2023

When’s the cutoff to wish everyone a Happy New Year? Let’s just say it’s after January 12th so I can go ahead and wish everyone a happy 2024, look back on a busy 2023 now that the holiday craze has subsided, and jump on the “Ins and Outs” trend – but in my own Lovely Day way!

2023 was a year of excitement and transition for me and Lovely Day Photo, but one thing remains steadfast from year to year – the beautiful love stories and unforgettable moments that I have the honor of capturing for my clients. From grand celebrations to intimate ceremonies, each client has a unique story to tell and a personality to match. Here’s a look back and a future outlook as we move forward into 2024.

2024 Outs

  • The studio on Allen. I said goodbye to a space that never really felt like home and serendipitously said hello to a bigger, brighter studio space that I love and also literally call home. It’s a match made in heaven for me. Plus, each client who has visited the new space loves it, too.

Yes, only one item. List complete. The end. 

Why? Because there is nothing else “out” about last year. I loved last year. It’s the year the business felt fully functional and totally back to normal after a few years of uncertainty due to a *certain widespread virus.* It’s the year I took some business leaps that helped me grow and pushed me to change. Change is scary, but good. So, no, I don’t have any other outs. Instead, I have a compilation of the 2023 LDP highlights and a photo montage showcasing the list below and more.

  • Outdoor weddings during the warmer months. Many couples chose scenic locations such as parks, gardens, and barns that provided stunning backdrops for portraits and an organic, relaxed atmosphere. 
  • Winter weddings – a favorite of mine (which I know you’ll think is odd because I dislike the cold and I am such a summer, outdoorsy person). When I see a wintery forecast, I brim with excitement for the possibility of snow photos juxtaposed with the cozy atmosphere of a warm reception.
  • Destination Wedding in the Syracuse region. This outside barn wedding was gorgeous, laid-back, and full of personal touches from the couple. The joy and love they shared with their families made it an unforgettable experience.
  • Working with amazing vendors from insanely talented florists to creative and organized event planners to energetic DJs packing the dance floors. Working as part of the vendor team our clients entrust to manifest their vision is a privilege. 

2024 Ins – but really, these are “Always Ins” because they carry over year after year!

  • Collaborating with other local industry professionals to create a beautiful and seamless experience for our clients. As a wedding photographer in Buffalo, NY, working with long-time industry friends and meeting burgeoning, new wedding professionals is always a highlight of each event.
  • Gratitude to our clients. Going into my 18th year in business I am endlessly thankful to all my past, current, and future clients. You allow me to continue to do what I love – capturing special moments on your behalf and preserving them for generations to come. 
  • Weddings. No matter the season, venue, or size – keep them coming because your love story is the one I like to tell the most. 

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