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Our Belated Honeymoon in Italy – Venice

As most of you know I got married last year, August 27th to be exact.  Having my own wedding in the middle of my wedding season didn’t allow me much time to take a honeymoon, so April 1st, Jimmy and I were finally able to leave for our honeymoon… to Italy!!


If you can’t see where the plane is above, we are just about to fly over the ALPS!  We are at 35,000 feet and the snow covered mountains are peaking above the clouds.  It was so cool!  And true to form, Jimmy made fun of me for getting out my camera for this… but seriously… what else was I going to do on a 9 hour flight?!  I was so bored and he had stolen my headset connection to watch movies since his was broken.


After a very long red-eye flight to Marco Polo Airport, we jumped on a boat and headed to Venice.  I was so tired by the time we arrived I didn’t even bother with my camera so the next couple shots are with my iphone. lol


People always ask me when I’m not  photographing clients what do I like to take pictures of…  Well… here ya go.  complete randomness.   I am not one that should be left to take those “important” vacation pictures.  I’m usually too busy taking pictures of windows, clothes hanging off lines, doorknobs, pigeons, etc.    I noticed the same trend when I took my camera to Paris and San Francisco.  Apparently I have something against  simple landscapes.

Look! an Italian Seagull.  (enter very lame joke about it’s italian accent here)  Sorry, couldn’t help myself! =)

They sold FILM!  Lots of it!

I’ve decided I want my studio to have a store front like this.  I wonder if First Amherst would let me build a moat.  That would be cool.

random sticker. 

I did my best to limit the # of pictures posted with clothes hanging out the window.  I don’t know why but I just love how this looks. We should save energy and do more of this in the states.

Photographing the locks on the Notre Dame bridge in Paris was on of my favorite pictures from my trip in 2010.  SO when I saw this little pink lock  attached to a bridge in Venice I had to photograph it.  Locks attached on a bridge me everlasting love. Rather fitting for a honeymoon.

One of the only pictures I have of Jimmy without him making a face, covering his face or blinking.  How is it possible I married a guy who refuses that I take pictures of him. 

The picture above and below are taken out of the top floor window of the Doge’s Palace.  A BEAUTIFUL palace that we toured but didn’t allow any pictures while inside.  The picture below honestly looks like it could have been take 50 years ago.

Also at the Doge’s Palace.

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