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Our Belated Honeymoon in Italy – Murano, Burano & Torcello

Our last day in Venice we decided to take a boat tour to the islands of Murano, Burano & Torcello.  If you don’t already know, Murano is home of Murano Glass. Burano is famous for Lace and I can honestly say I have no idea what Torcello is famous for.  The island only had 50 people living on it.  But that is the island where I lost my sunglasses.



I just love how the buildings look like they are built right out of the water.

We had a very quick demo on how glass is made, but there were so many people in front of my that I couldn’t get a clear shot. 

Jimmy and I went to San Francisco, Napa & Sonoma a few years ago with some friends.   While at a winery we found a painting by a local artist that we fell in love with but didn’t buy.  To this day we still talk about how we should have bought that painting.  Fast forward a few years later and instead of passing up on the vase below we splurged and bought it!   It’s the first piece of “art” we’ve  bought together.  I can’t wait until it arrives!

Burano was my favorite island.  I loved the colors and the peaceful surroundings.

This is probably my favorite picture from the entire trip.  

Torcello.  Like I said not much on this island!

* I did a little better with remembering to take landscapes on this leg of the trip! Probably because we were stuck in a boat for most of the day.

Next up, Florence.

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