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Hug a Ginger day!

Phase 1 of reopening Western New York is here and everyone is cautiously taking a step toward a “new normal” of life, so I figured it was a perfect time to look back to a favorite day when I could actually interact with people besides my husband.  Imagine that!  And, it was a day full of “my people” – redheads! 

I checked off a long-time box that was waiting patiently on my to-do list when I opened the studio to the public to host “Hug a Ginger Day,” offering free portraits for anyone with red hair.  It had been a maybe-someday-this-would-be-fun kind of idea that was floating in my head.  I finally put the idea to paper in the hopes that I’d turn some of those wishful thinking ideas into reality with the start of 2020 and the new decade.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure anyone would show up.  But, a bunch of redheads strolled through my studio door that Saturday.  Photographing those redheads warmed my heart and made me so happy!  I captured the essence of gingers that day – the quirkiness, the spunk, the fiery wit that matches our hair color.  It was so fun!  I loved hearing all of the “redhead stories” and bonding with current clients and gingers I had never met before over our common trait.  Though, I am still searching for an entire family of redheads.  That unicorn of families is elusive for sure.  Know one?  Send them my way – I’ll photograph them for free no matter what day it is! 

The plan now is to make this an annual event – gingers unite!  Hopefully, by February 22, 2021 (National Hug a Ginger Day) we’ll be going about life without masks and I can photograph the beautiful smiles and fiery locks of local redheads.  Except for next time, I plan on calling it “Hug YOUR Ginger Day!”

Thanks for indulging me, Buffalo! You’re the best!