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COVID Baby on the way? This is for you!

QUESTION: What do you get when you mix my client couples, a COVID quarantine, and (more than likely) an increase in at-home alcohol consumption?

ANSWER: Baby announcements.  LOTS of them.

So, funny story – my doctor said that generally, their practice has about 50 women due in December each year…but, thanks to quarantine they are expecting closer to 150 babies!  That’s some serious action!  I’m feeling like there’s going to be quite a bit of overtime on the horizon for those docs. 

I found this amusing article about the recent quarantine baby boom and how couples have announced their expected additions thanks to COVID.  One thing quarantine will do, aside from providing extra baby-making time, is to bring out people’s creativity and humor.  Who else has a good pregnancy announcement?  Share in the comments!  I always get a good laugh from them.

With all the expectant mamas juggling pregnant life amid a global pandemic among all the other craziness 2020 has dealt us, I figured they need a bit of extra love and encouragement right now.  If you’re an expectant mama due between mid-December 2020 and end-of-March 2021, I have a special treat* for you! With any booked newborn session, you’ll receive your choice of a free mini maternity session** for you OR a free mini sitter session for your baby (typically scheduled when he/she is between 6 months and 9 months…whenever they can sit unassisted).

Info about LDP Mini Maternity Sessions. During any maternity session, I want my glowing mamas to feel like their most glamourous and beautiful selves, so I strive to provide all of the amenities and options available to do so.  I provide a complete maternity wardrobe with a vast assortment of gowns and attire (mostly neutral tones) that I know photograph well.  Of course, if you have a special outfit or prefer your clothing, you are welcome to wear whatever makes you feel most beautiful!  Also, I coordinate with local beauty professionals and you’ll have the option to add-on hair and makeup services – let the glow up begin!  I encourage booking a maternity session between 32 and 35 weeks.  Mini maternity sessions are booked at the studio and allow for 1-2 outfits per session.

Sitter session photographed between 6-9 months old in BUffalo, NY photo studio

Info about LDP Mini Sitter Sessions. Similar to maternity sessions, I also have a collection of baby outfits perfect for the sitter sessions if you’d prefer to leave the outfit planning to me.  And, this sitter age (between 6 and 9 months) is my absolute favorite age to capture!  Their laugh lights up their whole face and the images I snap are just priceless. Mini sitter sessions are booked at the studio and are for baby only.

2020 has checked a lot of “never-thought-this-would-happen” boxes…I’m just glad I’ll get to meet the squishy, chubby, adorable “fruits” of the literal baby boom labor

QUESTION: What do you get a little over a decade from now?


* Cannot be combined with any other offers.
**Maternity session black-out dates: November 10, 2020 – December 15, 2020.