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Spring Cherry Blossom Sessions in Buffalo

Aahh, cherry blossoms.  You, fleetingly perfect bloom, you.  All I can think about when I think of cherry blossoms of the Japanese cherry tree (aside from their beauty, their picture-perfect quality for portrait backdrops and the renaissance of spring) – is avocados.  Yep, avocados…because of this:

If that’s not also indicative of how cherry blossoms act, I don’t know what is.  We wait and we wait and we wait then…BLOOM, GONE.  

If you have the patience and time it right, capturing portraits with these stunning blooms will give you a magical experience and images that will reflect their sheer springtime beauty, even during the darkest winter nights.

Where are the coveted cherry blossoms in Buffalo?

One of the more well-known spots to find cherry blossoms is the Japanese Garden at Delaware Park.  The garden is located next to the Buffalo History Museum (corner of Elmwood Avenue and Nottingham Terrace).  As part of the Olmstead Parks, the garden is free and open to the public during daylight hours.  There are a few other lesser-known locales to find these gorgeous blooms, but for now, I’ll keep those spots my little secret so I can surprise you during a session!

Maternity Session at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Buffalo.

When are the cherry blossoms in bloom in Buffalo?  

As with avocados, the cherry blossom’s lifespan is fleeting.  Despite the flower’s short bloom period, Buffalo is in a bit of luck that the blooming locations in our area tend to bloom one after the other, rather than simultaneously, slightly extending peak season.  On average, cherry blossoms burst into life for approximately a week to two weeks between the end of April and the beginning of May. Buffalo’s Cherry Blossom Festival is May 4-5, 2019.

What should I wear during a cherry blossoms portrait session?

Wedding parties always look great with the blooms!  For family sessions, engagement sessions or senior portraits, when you are selecting your attire think of these descriptors for your clothing: light, airy, fresh, open.  For a classic look, opt for plain or light attire.  Choose muted neutral tones, classic white or spring pastels like light pinks, light blues and gray tones.  For a more romantic and ethereal look, select textured clothing like tulle or lace in those springtime pastels.  Chambray shirts or dresses would be great options, too.  If you choose patterned clothing, select a small and tight pattern rather than a big and bold pattern.  And, while I love avocados, I suggest shying away from their olive green color and bright vibrant tones for your attire, both of which do not photograph well with the blossoms. The last thing you want to do is to clash with the blooms.  Their beauty will enhance yours when you choose an outfit that doesn’t compete with them.  

Alright, you’ve convinced me…I don’t want to miss the chance to capture my special moments with these timeless and stunning flowering trees.  What now?

I am opening 5 full portrait sessions for any current or new clients with flexible schedules and a willingness to be patient for the perfect blooms.  The sessions will be weather and bloom dependent.  Sessions will be booked for the beginning of May, only in the morning or evening.  Contact me today to set up your session!  

…Now, I’m off to eat some guacamole.