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Myllissa & Kofi – Married! – Buffalo Wedding Photography

I feel very fortunate to be one of the first photographers in the area to photograph a wedding inside the gorgeous Hotel Lafayette.  As many of you know, I live downtown and my studio is just a block north of the downtown area. Any chance I get to work in the downtown area is a huge bonus to my job.  I absolutely love what downtown Buffalo has to offer and it just keeps getting better every year!

Myllissa & Kofi’s wedding was stunning! I don’t know if there could have been a better day in Buffalo. and I still can’t get over how happy they looked together.  Too cute!  I’m not going to babble on any more because I know most of you won’t read it because you are too excited to see these pictures.  SO here ya go!



Loved how 3 of Kofi’s guys were just hanging out before going into the hotel. 

These dresses looked so great on Myllissa’s bridesmaids!

as you can tell, it was standing room only

How can you not want to peek to see what’s behind these doors?!Buffalo Lafayette Hotel

Buffalo Lafayette Hotel

Lafayette Hotel

The band Dimensions came in from Jersey. They seriously brought the party, the dance floor was packed all night… even before dinner was served!

Buffalo Lafayette Hotel

Myllissa & Kofi finished out the night by releasing wish lanterns into the sky! 

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