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Madison – 1 years old – Knox Farm

So often I photograph little boys that when Julia called me about Madison’s 1yr old pictures I was honestly bubbling over with the possibilities for her session.  Madison’s session at Knox Farm was awesome!  She’s been walking for nearly three months and is definitely quick!   A special thank you to Rosie for coming along to help me with smiles!

Daddy’s little girl!

Wow! I love Madison & Julia’s eyes. (Photographers check out the gorgeous creamy bokeh!)

I just love this red wall!

You saw me post this exact picture but in color earlier in the week.  What do you like better, the vintage B&W or the color version?

OHMIGOSH, every time I look at this picture I seriously can’t help laughing out loud.  Such a face!

“I want the bubbles, enough with these pictures!”

Thank you for the session Julia & Ray!

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