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Buffalo, New York – Family Photography

I photographed this beautiful little girl, Lola just over two years ago for her newborn portraits.  She has just turned two and is super active (as all 2yr olds are).   Even though this session was technically a newborn session, there was plenty of time to capture this sweet little girl while waiting for her brother to fall asleep. The image below is so real for me, her eyes really express the pure innocence and curiosity that all two year olds have.   We all know about the “terrible twos” but as a photographer I find this age to be very fun.  At this point in their life it’s not about the “sit, smile and say cheese”, they have the rest of their life for that.  Two year olds are active and in my opinion their sessions should reflect the moment in their life when they truly cannot contain or control the energy that is within them.  Bringing out their true being during the few minutes I get to spend with them is very special to me.


Lovely Day Photo 2yr old poseLovely Day Photo sibling love portrait

TJ is a little bit of an older newborn than I usually photograph.  He was born on Easter, making him almost a month old in these photos.  You can clearly tell that he’s a big boy by the length of him in Dad’s arms.  Luckily I have a few bigger baskets that work perfect for my bigger babes.

Lovely Day Photo in Daddys armsLovely Day Photo Motherly LoveIf you’ve been following my on Instagram you’ll know that I have a recent obsession with portraits cropped/framed in a circle.  Well, here is another beautiful pose that lends itself to a circle crop. The image above with mom also looks awesome in a circle frame.  =)

Lovely Day Photo siblings kissing in Organic Bloom Frame