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2015 Wedding Photos – Best of- Part 1 – Buffalo, NY

Every year I spend days trying to prepare my favorites images from the previous year’s weddings. It’s one of the hardest things on my “to-do” list every January. I honestly dread it, mainly because every year I feel like I’ve left so many great shots out trying to narrow things down so you don’t have to see so many portraits.  This year, I’m giving up and showing you a TON of wedding portraits to look at from 2015.  I hope you enjoy! You’ll see everything from Buffalo’s beautiful sunny days, to our moody windy/raining days. Outside weddings to inside weddings, all different body types, dress colors, flowers, venues, styles, dance moves, and expressions.  Each wedding is so very different, yet at the end of the day the same thing has happened.  You’ve gotten married, had the best day ever(!!), and get to reminisce through the photos for the rest of your life.  After 10 years in business I can still say I love photographing weddings just as much as I did when I first started.  Actually I might enjoy it more because I’m not as terrified anymore.  ;)  This is part 1 of 4.