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Laura & Jake – Married!! – Port Charlotte, Florida

I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my season this year.  Not because the wedding was in Florida, but because I absolutely adore Laura & Jake (and Bella).  Laura and I went to high school together, though I have to admit I barely knew her in school.  I spent much of my time in half-day  photography classes in a different district and only dragged myself to high school for math, english and gym.   A couple years ago Laura found me on FB.  Little did I know how awesome she is…  She has a bulldog (just like I do).  She seems to have a love for Buffalo and Tim Hortons even though she lives in South Carolina (Jake is from the Buffalo area),  AND she loves to take pictures!  Needless to say when Jake proposed to Laura and she contacted me about the wedding I was thrilled!  They are one of those couples that are absolutely beautiful inside and out.  How could I not want to photograph them?!

a girl after my own heart,  Laura even brought her camera to her wedding.

Okay, he is seriously adorable!

Laura had been in and out of the reception room a few times but the minute she saw the room with the centerpieces it was like everything was  all of a sudden real.   It was such a cool moment.

I just love her facial expressions!

“a little liquid courage”

First look with Bella!

First look with Dad… and they had the entire room in tears.

Time to get married!

Instead of shaking hands, Mr. Wordon and Jake chest bumped

This might be my all time favorite photo-bomb!

This is one of the prettiest bouquets I’ve seen in a long time.

As you can tell by her dress it was a tad bit windy on the water, we did our best to hide from the wind.

<3 <3 <3


Laura, There are like 1001 more pictures I wanted to post from your wedding.  However if I do my site will never load.  You’ll have to wait for your gallery to see the rest of the party photos. =)  Congratulations to you both!!  Thank you again for everything.  I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon!!


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