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Latrese & Khari – Married! – Buffalo Wedding Photography

Latrese and Khari’s wedding was so much fun, I honestly could have photographed them for days!  With their ceremony at the Burchfield Penney and the reception at the Avanti Mansion, we had plenty of opportunity to capture some great moments.   There is NO doubt about that this couple in in LOVE!

You may want to give my blog a few minutes to load as this is a extremely long blog post!

Um yes, those shoe are Kate Spade shoes! <3

Latrese’s hair was stunning!

Bracing herself to get laced up. =)

We met up with Khari at the Burchfield.  He looks so excited to get married!

Seriously, a beautiful setting for a ceremony!

“Jumping the broom” (above)

I think the pictures above and below at the gallery are my favorites from the day.  Those white walls were so fun to work with!

My favorite candid group shot ever!

Latrese & Khari met at Buff State so we walked over to Rockwell Hall for pictures.

Thanks Black Horse Videography for setting up this shot! (above)

As you can tell by those DARK clouds we were lucky is wasn’t raining!

So timeless…

I don’t think the wedding party was in the limo 30 seconds before it started to pour.  They really had perfect timing.

The dance floor looked like this the entire night!

What can I say, I had to get a picture of those gorgeous shoes one more time. ;)

And a running exit through sparklers to finish out this beautiful wedding!

 A huge thank you to my assistant Jaimie for kicking some major butt at this wedding.  I couldn’t have done it with out you!
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