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Grayson – 8 days old

Grayson’s session wasn’t the easiest newborn session I have ever had.  He is definitely a little man that knows exactly what he wants (or should I say doesn’t want).  He’s not a fan of being naked, or even being without his onsie, nor does he like laying on his tummy.   However he loves his hands up around his face and is definitely a dreamer!  Once asleep this guy didn’t stop smiling.  I couldn’t stop giggling at him while taking his pictures.  I would love to know what babies dream about.  It’s so adorable to watch them sleep!   Even with Grayson’s qualms we were able to get some adorable shots!   Thanks for the session Kate and congratulations on your little dreamer!

He has a Dr. Suess room, so adorable.

Yawn or Scream?  …it’s a yawn.  Tired boy., it’s so hard being a model.

I posted a color version of this one on my FB page but I think I like it in a muted b&w better.

My favorite!

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