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Frequently Asked Portrait Questions…

When should I book a maternity and newborn session?
Typically we like to schedule maternity sessions between week 32-37. Newborn sessions are scheduled 1 week after your due date and can be adjusted if you deliver early/late.  It’s never too early to book your session, we recommend contacting us early to get your date held.

Why should we meet for in-person sales? 
I so often hear “I don’t know what to do with the pictures”, by scheduling an in-person meeting we can help you plan for a wall or area in your home, give ideas for albums, and remind you of family members that might need prints.  When meeting in your home, we have a projector that we will bring to assist in selecting the perfect size for your portrait or wall collage. There is no extra charge for wall deign or in-home meetings.

What if we don’t order before the gallery expires?
The gallery will be online for 10 days.  If you do not order within the 10 days you will have an option to extend the gallery for another 5 days for $15. If an order is not placed within 30 days we will discard your session to make room for new sessions. Orders placed within the first 5 days of the online gallery will receive a 10% order discount.  Orders placed in-prson will receive a 15% discount.

Why are files included for weddings but not for portrait sessions?
Files are actually not included in the wedding packages, they are calculated into the price of your package.  Typically wedding pictures do not need the fine-tune retouching that a portrait session requires. Remember, we professionally retouch all portrait files before going to print. That means belly stretch marks(maternity sessions), dark circles, fly away hair, acne (on baby and family members), red spots, fine lines, and flaky skin, all get removed.  This process takes a lot of time, the portrait prices reflect not only use of the studio, props, etc., but also the time involved in retouching your portraits.

What forms of payments do you accept?
Cash, check and all major credit cards are accepted.  Session fees are due at the time of session.

When I’m ready to order when is payment due?
Payment for your portrait order is due at the time of the order.

Do you have payment plans?
Yes, payment plans can be set up for orders over $500. We will be happy to set up a 3-month payment schedule to make things easier.

Why shouldn’t I just buy digital files?
You are welcome to buy the digital files, but we truly feel we are doing you an inservice by selling just the files.  Digital files are not a tangible product.  You cannot hang a file on the wall.  Handing over files means you will have to do your own printing, and chances are you’ll put them on your computer but never print them.  While our files are ready-for-print when you purchase them, they are calibrated for our professional lab. That means they will always look the best coming from our lab. We are not liable for color issues if you are taking them someplace else.  We can never recommend getting them printed at a drugstore, superstore and low cost online service, where quality cannot be controlled.

How long do you keep you keep my session for?
Once the order is placed your session will get put up onto several back-up drives and will be stored for years to come.  If an order is not placed within 30 days of your gallery going online, the session will be deleted to make room for new sessions.