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Buffalo – The City of Good Neighbors – Even while Social Distancing

What?  You thought you were going to hear from every business that ever got hold of your email address and not from Lovely Day Photo??  Well, at least we aren’t clogging your inbox any more than it already is, but we did feel it necessary to let you know some policy changes we are currently adopting in light of COVID-19 in an effort to support and protect our clients.  Additionally, we are looking to you for help.  In order for a small business like ours to survive an incredibly challenging time like this, we rely on our loyal clients and community to rally together on our behalf.  We have some easy, and some free, ways to support us while we all navigate this uncertain and tumultuous time. 

Actions We are Taking To Do Our Part

With our clients and our community in mind, we have made some policy changes to help ease any financial burdens, support our clients as best we can, and to keep the public’s health a top priority.  We hope these steps will make our small impact to flatten the curve while continuing to offer services to our lifeline: our clients. It’s also worth reiterating that we are extremely diligent about cleaning the studio and washing our hands, along with all other recommended precautions.  

  1. Weddings. We get it, money is going to be tight in the months to come. For all 2020 and 2021 weddings, we have reduced our required retainer to just $100 to save the date with Lovely Day Photo.  Additionally, we are adjusting our contract terms to accommodate the flexibility of our services in the event a wedding client is forced to change the date of their wedding due to COVID-19, meaning you can rest assured that we will be available to photograph your wedding on your rescheduled date.

  2. Portraits. We were excited to announce a new option for portraits to our clients: spring mini sessions.  But, that came to a screeching halt thanks to COVID-19.  We have decided to cancel our spring AND fall mini sessions for this year for social distancing purposes.  Typically, mini sessions are booked back-to-back and, therefore, we had groups of families waiting for their mini session to begin.  Instead, we have decided to offer a discount for portrait sessions in June (pending pandemic relief by then) and September/October, allowing us to continue to offer portrait services while also assuring our clients safe distancing from groups of people.

  3. Newborns in Studio.  We have decided to make the unfortunate, but necessary, decision to postpone any bookings for newborn portraits to ensure the health and safety of our newest and littlest clients.  If you are a parent-to-be who had a newborn session already booked within the next 8 weeks, please email me and we’ll work together on creative options to capture your bundle of joy’s first moments. 

A FREE way to help Lovely Day Photo – or any small business.

Be an advocate for Lovely Day Photo.  Small businesses like ours rely on our community to spread the word about the quality work and services we strive to offer, especially ones like Lovely Day Photo whose business is our livelihood.  Meaning: this is not a side gig for us, but rather a passion around which we’ve built a business from our blood, sweat, and tears and on which we rely for our way of life.  So, our hearts and business grow when you take a few minutes out of your day to do things like:

  1. Leave a positive review.  Whether on social media, search engine or review app, a positive review highly impacts our business’ future. Did you know nearly 90% of US buyers trust site reviews as much as they trust their loved one’s suggestions?  Yep, it’s true.  Show us some love online now so that when we emerge from this uncertain time, Lovely Day Photo will be top of mind and a trusted resource for portrait needs – thanks to you.

  2. Interact with us on social media.  We all have to find ways to keep ourselves busy and maintain a connection with others while we ride out this time of quarantine, so say hello while you’re on Facebook and Instagram!  Like our posts and photos, share the ones that inspire you, comment with your own perspective.  By doing so, not only do you help us with our online presence and keeping us top of mind in the online world, but we also have the ability to learn more about what our clients love and, therefore, work to become a better photographer on your behalf.

  3. Refer us to your friends.  We love our clients so naturally, we love your friends, too!  Your friends trust your opinion, so your positive experience with Lovely Day Photo encourages your friends that they’ll have a similar experience. 

Other Ways to Support Lovely Day Photo

Life gets busy and all too fast days, weeks, months pass and things on your to-do list get bumped for other priorities.  Despite the unfortunate circumstances that are causing us to slow down, the next few weeks may allow you the opportunity to check off a few things on your to-do list that have taken a back seat until now. If your situation affords you to do so, think about putting together an order from Lovely Day Photo:

  1. Build your wedding album. Your momentous day should become an heirloom piece to cherish for years and generations to come.  What’s better: we are here to help you design your album and everything can be completed virtually with our online program and via email.  Completely socially acceptable!

  2. Design your gallery wall. We have unique software that allows us to demonstrate how the images from your portrait session will look on your very own walls, and similar to album design, we can complete the entire design process virtually.  

  3. Purchase a gift certificate. Purchasing a gift certificate to use at a later date will help Lovely Day Photo bridge the gap until portrait sessions and weddings are back to normal. 

  4. Update your headshot. Have you been thinking about updating your business portrait? Perhaps your headshot is a few years old, or you got bangs (like me!), or you no longer wear glasses and you want your headshot to reflect your new look?  Call or email to schedule a business portrait session (portraits to be taken once social distancing measures are relaxed) – we’ll help you move into the new decade with an updated professional headshot.

Hopefully, we will all look back on this crazy time very soon and tell stories that start with “Remember when…” Until then, thank you for your support and for helping small businesses when and where you can. Wishing you and your family a healthy and safe quarantine!