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Lovely Day Photo is moving, Buffalo NY

If you’ve noticed that I have been extra quiet lately, it’s because I’ve had something up my sleeve.  

 I’ve been given the opportunity to move Lovely Day Photo into a new, larger studio space.  After five and a half years on the 800 block of Main street, it looks like I will soon be a resident of the 500 block of Delaware Avenue.  The new space will give me the opportunity to grow (it’s double the space that I have now), and it has private parking.  This is especially great for any of my mom’s looking to bring their babies into the studio.  

This moment in time is so bittersweet for me.  I truly love the studio space I’m in, it has those gorgeous brick walls, high ceilings, and big windows, but I outgrew it years ago and have been trying to make it work.  The sentimental part of all of this is that Jimmy purposed to me in the entrance way of the studio five and a half years ago.  But the truth is, it no longer works for the business.  The studio has grown, it’s now time to give in, and move.  

The new address as of October 1, 2015 will be 546 Delaware Avenue, Suite 1Q.  If you’re familiar with the city of Buffalo, it’s the old Allentown Athletics Building on the corner of Delaware and Allen.  The new entrance to the studio is actually located on Allen street and is gated.  Clients coming in for a session will simply pull up, honk and I’ll click the gate to let you in.  No more paying for parking, and no more getting kids out of the car on a busy street. Safety for those cute little babes is so important!  We will also be able to schedule sessions anytime of the day, no more waiting for the light to be just right.   For our bridal clients… not much is changing for you, except we’ll be updating the wedding samples on our walls, albums, and as always, we have champagne and beer waiting for you!

I’m looking forward to the move and will update you again as soon as the studio move is complete.

Thanks so much to all of my friends, family and clients who have supported me over the years, this wouldn’t be possible without your business and referrals!

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Every couple that I photograph is special in their own way, however Elise & James are extra special in so many ways.  Elise was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma, and wasn’t given the most pleasant news, her cancer was most likely terminal.  For this couple, their wedding was not only about celebrating their love for each other with friends and family, but about celebrating every minute of their life together.  To be honest, I don’t really know this couple too well, it was a wedding planner who reached out to me about gifting their wedding coverage, in which I gladly did.   I only briefly met Elise once before the wedding, and James on the day of the wedding.  The first time I saw them truly interact with each other wasn’t until after the ceremony. My heart melted for them.  This couple “gets it”.  They are fun, bubbly, happy, in-love, quick-witted, know how to pick on each other in the most loving way, and are truly there for each other.  There wasn’t a moment that passed by when I wasn’t in awe of their beautiful relationship.  Both James & Elise are two of the strongest, most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.

Cancer update.  Elise & James returned from there honeymoon and were given the news that her cancer had spread to her brain, she only has two months left to spend with her new husband and family.  I have never shared  a story like this on my blog before, even though there are a couple of brides on my site or in a blog post where the bride has fought and won, or lost her battle with cancer.  This post isn’t about trying to make you feel sad, but a real reminder to celebrate life, and the time we have on this earth.  To all my brides, potential brides, grooms, Moms, Dads, and readers of this blog. It’s not about making sure that everything is perfect. It’s about celebrating a marriage, a birth, a life, a breath.  It’s about putting down our phones/devices and spending real time with the people we see everyday.  (stepping down off soap box now)


Elise & James, Congratulations on your wedding! I hope you enjoyed every second of your honeymoon! <3



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With only two months left to celebrate the rest of Elise’s life, there has been a gofundme campaign started in her honor to help with funeral costs.  If you would like to donate to the family in anyway, please use this link: http://www.gofundme.com/xrmmf8

Vendors who donated their time, talent and resources to help make Elise & James’ wedding possible:

Tammy Lee-Papia – Wedding Planner – Heavenlee Weddings

Becker Farms – Ceremony Location – Becker Farms

Jeff Toy – Photobooth –  Toy Bros Entertainment

Lovely Day Photo – Photography


Chocolate favors


More to come… waiting on info.



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I photographed this beautiful little girl, Lola just over two years ago for her newborn portraits.  She has just turned two and is super active (as all 2yr olds are).   Even though this session was technically a newborn session, there was plenty of time to capture this sweet little girl while waiting for her brother to fall asleep. The image below is so real for me, her eyes really express the pure innocence and curiosity that all two year olds have.   We all know about the “terrible twos” but as a photographer I find this age to be very fun.  At this point in their life it’s not about the “sit, smile and say cheese”, they have the rest of their life for that.  Two year olds are active and in my opinion their sessions should reflect the moment in their life when they truly cannot contain or control the energy that is within them.  Bringing out their true being during the few minutes I get to spend with them is very special to me.


Lovely Day Photo 2yr old posepintopinterest Lovely Day Photo sibling love portraitpintopinterest

TJ is a little bit of an older newborn than I usually photograph.  He was born on Easter, making him almost a month old in these photos.  You can clearly tell that he’s a big boy by the length of him in Dad’s arms.  Luckily I have a few bigger baskets that work perfect for my bigger babes.

Lovely Day Photo in Daddys armspintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Motherly LovepintopinterestIf you’ve been following my on Instagram you’ll know that I have a recent obsession with portraits cropped/framed in a circle.  Well, here is another beautiful pose that lends itself to a circle crop. The image above with mom also looks awesome in a circle frame.  =)

Lovely Day Photo siblings kissing in Organic Bloom Framepintopinterest

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Charlotte’s session was earlier this week, and did great for being almost a month old.  She spent a little extra time in the nicu before joining her Mom and Dad at home.  She’s still just a tiny little thing, and slept better than some of the two week old babies that come to the studio.  I posted this beautiful image from Charlotte’s studio newborn session in our cherry blossom nest, framed in a lovely pink Organic Bloom frame to facebook this morning.  Of course the FB compression killed the real quality,  so I thought I’d throw it up here for everyone to enjoy.   There is something so sweet about this image in black and white with the pick frame.  It actually makes me want to design an entire collage wall around this portrait.



Lovely Day Photo | Buffalo Newborn Photography | Organic Bloom Framepintopinterest

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Kara & Scott’s wedding kicked off my 2015 wedding season. Kara started her day in the bridal suite at the Hotel Lafayette in Buffalo.  The ceremony was held at St. Rose of Lima Church in North Buffalo.  Due to weather and not wanting to ruin a fabulous pair of Jimmy Choo’s we opted to head back to the Lafayette Hotel for pictures before the reception in the Marquis Ballroom.

Kara & Scott are from Buffalo but have relocated to NYC. The Maid of Honor (her sister) and Best Man (best friend) both told stories of how they met when they were 13 years old! How cute is that? Who gets to tell their love story and have it start at 13 years old.


Lovely Day Photo - Groom getting ready in Buffalo Nypintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Wedding getting ready at Hotel Lafayette pintopinterest

It’s hard to see on the blog but Scott’s Facebook update said:  “Today I marry the girl I chased when I was 13 years old. Finally caught her.”

Lovely Day Photo Wedding getting ready at Hotel Lafayette pintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Wedding at St. Rosepintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Wedding at St. Rosepintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Wedding at St. Rosepintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Wedding at St. Rosepintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Wedding at St. Rosepintopinterest Lovely Day Photo St Rose Wedding Kisspintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Bridal Party Hotel Lafayettepintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Bridal Party Funpintopinterest

The look above (in the B&W shot) is Kara’s priceless reaction to someone stepping on her veil. ;)

Lovely Day Photo Hotel Lafayettepintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Hotel Lafayette Kisspintopinterest

I can’t make up my mind. Do you like this better in color or in the warm toned Black & White?

Lovely Day Photo Bridal Portraitpintopinterest

The Marquis Ballroom run by Acqua at the Hotel Lafayette is one of my favorite rooms to work in. The room is so light and warm, it photographs beautifully.

Lovely Day Photo - Buffalo Hotel Lafayette Details pintopinterest Lovely Day Photo Buffalo Wedding Couplepintopinterest

I’ve photographed this room so many times but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it with Blue uplighting, I like it.

Lovely Day Photo Buffalo Wedding Couplepintopinterest Lovely Day Photo | Buffalo Wedding  - Ring shotpintopinterest

Makeup by Katie Ambrose at Groom Service in the Hotel Lafayette

Hair by Brendan Hudson at Chez Ann Salon

Second Photographer – Stephen Gabris

Shoes -Jimmy Choo

Dress -Vera Wang

Flowers – Maureen’s

DJ – P-Nasty

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Every January you’ll find Lovely Day Photo at the Buffalo Brides World bridal show.  It’s the only show we do and I look forward to it each year.  This year Carianne is the winner of our engagement session giveaway. Usually when I pick a name the winner doesn’t have a wedding this year, let alone within the next six months.  Well, Carianne & Justin are getting married at Becker Farms in June!  I reached out to her to let her know she had won and that we would need to schedule soon since her wedding was so close.  She was totally up for playing in the snow for her engagement session.  I enjoy weddings and engagement sessions in the winter, however this year was a little rough for my snow-bird couples.  The original date of her engagement session was scheduled for Friday, February 13th at Knox Farm in East Aurora. It happened to be -30 that day.  I can’t possibly take a couple out in weather like that, it’s not safe for them or the camera, so we rescheduled for Friday, March 13th. Lucky for us it was over 50 degrees and the sun was shining.  Their session was the first session I’ve been able to photograph outside since January.  Carianne made my job so easy that day, she’s adorable.  I mean look at those freckles! and that outfit is perfect, she really popped against the snow covered scenery.

As most of you know anytime I get to photograph at Knox Farm I’m a happy photographer.  There is something special about that park, I think it’s because it reminds me of where I grew up with all the rolling hills and the  barns.



Buffalo, NY Engagement Session at Knox Farm  | Lovely Day Photopintopinterest Buffalo, NY Engagement Session at Knox Farm  | Lovely Day Photopintopinterest

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